The Orange bandwidth solution is based on a Pan-European terrestrial backbone network interconnected with a seamless submarine cable network and its sub-network in Singapore.This extended network and a strong presence in Africa allow us to provide you with a comprehensive offer.

City-to-City solution (C2C)

City to City is an international dedicated point-to-point bandwidth product with standard rates:

  • 2, 34/45, 155, 622 Mbps or 2.5Gbps on SDH/Sonet technology
  • 2Mbps to 1Gbps on Ethernet over MPLS
  • 2.5, 10 and 100Gbps on WDM.


Granularity and flexibility of bandwidth

Ability to connect to the biggest European metropolis as well as Singapore, New York City, Miami and the Orange African footprint

IPL / Wet Capacity (C2C variation)

It requires submarine capacity and provides a part of an end-to-end circuit between 2 international cities where Orange service stops at the Cable Head Landing Station (CHLS) of a submarine cable in the distant country.

For specific cases with no terrestrial path, Wet Capacity can be offered to our customers as submarine cable capacity only, between 2 CHLS.


SDH: Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

MPLS: Multi Protocol Label Switching

WDM: Wavelength-Division Multiplexing

CHLS: CableHead Landing Station

Value Added services

One Stop Shopping (OSS)

It is a simplified procedure for the customer to deal with a single point of contact for billing, ordering, provisioning and maintenance. OSS extends our reach beyond the group on-net network thus offering end-to-end services for customers in selected countries.

OSS Benefits

A single point of contact for the customers, for delivery

Long Distance Ethernet (LDE)

Itprovides any customer with an Ethernet access point between two cities in Europe provided that the customer site is located in the vicinity of an LDE PoP.LDE is a layer2 service built over an IP based network. Standard rates are available in a range from 2Mbps to 1Gbps.

LDE BenefitsWith Ethernet interfaces the total cost is limited comparedto classicSDH

Complementary Bandwith offers:


This solution is the terrestrial termination of submarine capacity, from a Cable Head Landing Station (CHLS) to one Point of Presence (PoP) or directly to a customer site over SDH/Sonetor WDM technology. Standard rates are the same as C2C.

Backhaul Benefits

Your on-net submarine cable traffic can be terminated to many PoPs destinations in Europe, New-York, Miami and Singapore via Orange terrestrial network.


Customer’s transmission equipment can be hosted in Orange premises.

Housing can only be sold bundled or packaged with other offers suchas City-to-City and its variations




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