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What is a DDoS attack ?

A Denial of Service (DoS) attack is characterized by an explicit attempt by attackers to prevent legitimate users of a service from using that service.

Examples include attempts to:

  • “Flood” a network, thereby preventing legitimate network traffic attempts
  • Disrupt connections between two machines, thereby preventing access to a service
  • Prevent a particular individual from accessing a service
  • Disrupt service to a specific system or person

In a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS), the attacking computers are often personal computers with broadband connections to the internet that have been compromised by viruses or trojan horses programs. These allow the perpetrator to remotely control machines to direct the attack, and such an array of computers is called a botnet. With enough such slave or zombie hosts, the services of even the largest and most well-connected websites can be disrupted.

The result of a DDoS attack is that the target is no longer able able to maintain efficient communications and connectivity which ultimately impacts business operations.

Who are the attackers?

Organized crimes:

for extortion for instance. DDoS attacks are very profitable for those who launch them: easy and cheap to launch… with big impacts


we’ve seen DDoS attacks sent to countries to knock them out of the internet


Mega upload closure triggered attacks by Anonymous

Did you know ?

For years, the number and size of DDoS attacks keep increasing and their intensity is always higher:

+ 50% in a year

55% of victims

of DDoS attacks were also victims of theft: attackers stole funds, customer data and intellectual property

Being protected against such attacks is now a MUST DO for operators, ISPs or content providers.

Our DDoS protection offer of Orange International Carriers

An option of IP Transit

A proactive protection of your IP Transit against DDoS attacks thanks to our IP Transit DDoS cleaning platforms.

We offer a high value option that differentiates our offer from competition (automatic mitigation, possibility to sell this service to your enterprise customers…)

Our Transit DDoS Protection offer's aim is to enable our clients to be protected from DDoS attacks on the IP Transit network, thanks to the ArborTM platform, which is installed on IP Transit network and managed our technical teams.

It is a paying option of IP Transit, which enables clients to be notified in case of a DDoS attack, and gives them the possibility to launch mitigations via an access to an Arbor web portal in order to clean their traffic.

Offer key points

It cleans all traffic! All kind of traffic IPv4 or IPv6 is cleaned up and our protection is up to layer 7 for a complete service assurance.

Our DDoS protection offers are declined over 2 types of platforms to handle all your needs:

Automatic platform

Handles TCP/IP traffic for DDoS attacks of any size. You benefit from the automatic mitigation feature.

All Traffic platform

Handles TCP/IP + UDP traffic for volumetric attacks targeting a host that needs UDP traffic.

Reactivity, the key point against DDoS attack! We can fit Carriers fit your needs:

  • You prefer the autonomy, our alerting system warns you in case of attack: your NOC launches mitigation very quickly, no need to open a ticket.
  • You prefer the automation, choose our automatic platform and benefit from the automatic mitigation feature that drops all UDP traffic before entering the platform


If you are an operator or an ISP, but also a reseller on your local market, our DDoS protection service can be easily resold to your local ISPs or corporate customers thanks to our B2B option.

Peace of mind

Thanks to its strong experience on cyber security, We ensures peace of mind:

  • Arbor partner and teamwork with ETNOCERT Telco group
  • Our offer protects ISPs and critical web sites of the French government

How it works

From a peaceful environment…


...to a fire place...


...order protection now!



We are the right partner for your requirement to bring the expected level of service and commitment for your current and future network evolutions.  As competition intensifies, businesses worldwide are seeking the following benefits:

  • Increased flexibility to support a range of current and emerging network-based applications
  • Lower total cost of communications to cope with telecom budgets
  • Improved performance from their communications networks

Cloud protection against DDoS attacks from tier-1 IP Transit providers – as Orange OTI AS 5511 – is the best solution to protect your network against DDoS attacks.

  • Efficiency: clean all traffic under attack as close as possible from the attack (cloud mitigation); protection against DDoS attacks from tier 1 IP Transit providers is the best kind of DDoS protection you can have
  • Scalability: copes with the largest attacks thanks to its tier 1 massive bandwidth connections
  • Everywhere protection: operates on your entire network, worldwide. It is possible to handle DDoS attacks coming from alternative IP provider's network
  • Resiliency & SLA: provides high SLA: AS5511 architecture and resiliency of our DDoS Protection platform
  • Threat Management: mitigates DDoS attack risks on your operations, revenues and reputation
  • Compliance: compliant with your business processes for continuity planning and government requirements
  • Lower TCO: enables lower cost and more efficiency compared with an in-house solution
  • Availability: allows your servers and Internet connections to operate 24/7/365
  • Customer Control: alerts your Network Operation Center (NOC) which launches mitigations; automatic mitigation also available
  • Pricing: customized prices to fit your specific needs


Our SLA is our strength. We offer 99.999% availability of  IP Transit DDoS protection service and reward customers in the improbable case of our service unavailability.


We have collected various awards in the recent past. Among them:


Do not wait the attack to get the insurance. Order protection now!

Our customers' testimonials

Setumo Mohapi
Chief Go to Market Officer at Dimension Data

“Partnering with Orange to provide IP Transit and DDoS will allow us to continue adding value to our customers through our intelligent infrastructure offering”

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