Security & Anti-Fraud

At Orange IC, we particularly understand the needs of retailers and the importance of delivering the highest end to end level of service for their users. The Hubbing Platinum offer was built for retailers that have high requirements in terms of quality but also in terms of security. Our innovative anti-fraud solution natively embedded in the Platinum offers efficiently protects our customers against fraud attacks. We anticipate the major market changes by offering these offers in a “Full IP” mode, avoiding any transcoding between TDM and IP technologies.


In brief

Our hubbing voice transit service provides you with international voice traffic termination.

You may use our service either to convey your traffic to destinations to which you do not have a direct route or which lack capacity, or to optimize the cost/quality factors according to your needs.

Access to the service

An interconnection between Orange and the customer is created to support the hubbing service.

This interconnection is implemented in IP and can be used to route other voice/data solutions.

Your benefits

High Quality Routes

  • Bilateral and direct quality routes only
  • 100% CLI transmission and reception
  • All destinations (1200+ available)
  • Continuity of service including for Overflow routes towards all splits if necessary with a direct quality

Anti-fraud Solution

  • Real time supervision (24/7)
  • Live anti-fraud solution for risky destinations to prevent the development of fraudulent traffic
  • Blockage of risky VAS
  • Customer notifications and fraud reports available online

Customer Experience

  • High priorisation of the trouble tickets
  • Customer Support Center 24/7/365
  • Real time traffic and Qos monitoring on the customer portal
  • Full IP mode available in option to guarantee quality for convergent services

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