Our solution

IPX Transport is a premium IP connectivity solution for the interworking and roaming bilateral exchanges with your trusted partners and at the same time an access to the IPX Cloud of Service.
Extend the IPX from the single plug to the single transport service:

  • Maximize your International capacity
  • Develop Differentiation & Partnership strategies
  • Leverage IPX Proxies & Hubs services
  • Business Security & Quality

Our IPX Transport is fully compliant with the GSMA IR.34 and IR.77.

IPX Transit Value-Added Services : 

IPX Monitoring and Reporting


Our IPX Transport service is based on the following technical architecture:

  • Wholly owned IPX network running with MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) encapsulation and IPv6 enabled
  • Anti-spoofing filtering on routing and traffic, segregation from the public Internet
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze commitments relying on End-to-end Class of service management extended on Inter Carrier agreementsAPN resolution on redundant root DNS (Domain Name Servers)
  • Intra-region routing on local IPX peering point in Amsterdam (NL) , Singapore and Ashburn (USA)
  • GRX fallback for 2G & 3G Data roaming

Multiservice IP eXchange on IPX transport

Access our multiservices IPX Cloud to leverage a set of wholesale services designed for operators & OTTs including VoIP hubbing, MMS GeX, SS7, LTE Signaling, VoLTE roaming S8HR and coming IMS interworking services.

Your benefits

Optimisation and simplicity

  • One service for all your interworking & roaming exchanges
  • Leverage live connectivity to roll-out new services supported on IPX Proxies & hubs or to develop new partnerships
  • Soften your traffic patterns and benefit from more bandwidth for your sensitive traffic
  • Adaptive routing with on demand activation of IPX routes
  • Flexible configuration a with separate connectivity option

Customer care service

Our professionalism, reliability and commitment to the service to satisfy your needs :

  • Dedicated Program Manager for implementation follow-up
  • 24/7 online assistance, unique trouble tickets management
  • Proactive supervision and management of the service
  • Online real time monitoring & reporting tool for Service Usage & KPI

Quality of service

  • Highly redundant and oversized backbone, regional IPX peering policy, 15 years track records on GRX
  • SLA with penalties on Network KPI for Gold, Silver and Bronze traffic groups
  • 4h GTR & Improved Service Availability Commitments to five nines, with penalties

Business security

GSMA compliant (IR34, IR77) with an anti-spoofing filtering and segregation from public Internet, we put strong emphasis on security, especially in our peering agreements.


  • +710 worldwide Service Provider reach through IPX Transport peering including GRX fallback
  • Access to RIM platform in US, Europe and Asia for Blackberry traffic


We offer you our strong expertise in dedicated solutions on interworking & roaming, including on-demand professional services.


IPX Transport is available in more than 200 Countries via 250 PoPs (including the Orange Business Services footprint) and has over 100 Gbps worldwide capacity.

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