In brief

LTE Signalling is a service that enables Mobile Network Operators to offer roaming over LTE networks for their retail customers and visiting customers.

Orange uses dedicated equipment to handle Diameter protocol: the Diameter Edge Agent

GRX and SS7 connectivity complete the offer to support data transmission and CSFB

DEA:Diameter Edge Agent
CSFB: Circuit Switch Fall Back


Our solution

Orange LTE Signallingservice is available over our Multiservice IP eXchangeoffer and allows Mobile Network Operators to offer LTE roaming to their customers.

LTE Signallingallows you to send and receive Diameter messages from and toward Diameter Edge Agent platforms on the Orange IPX network, that is isolated from the public internet.

The Diameter Edge Agent is integrated in the Orange IPX network and provides enhanced security, interoperability and routing functions.Orange IPX network ensures end-to-end IP transport, security and Quality of Service.

Through a large footprint including 30 points of presence (PoPs) worldwide, LTE Signalling also offers an extensive reach

Your benefits

  • Value proposition

    Built on the Multiservice IP eXchangenetwork, LTE Signalling benefits of:

    • Shared access architecture for high cost efficiency
    • Worldwide Orange group network capillarity
    • Per service guaranteed bandwidth
  • Best-in-class qualityof service

    Monitoring 24/7, network reliability, 99.99% service availability, detailed reports.

  • Successful implementation

    Dedicated Program Manager duringthe entire implementation phase, fast roaming opening.
  • A large coverage

    Orange, being a key contributor to GSMA and the Open Connectivity policy, entered an ambitious peering program to extendits LTE Signalling connectivity with other carrier.
  • Network interconnect

    Our IPX Transport maximize your international capacity with Security & Quality for your business.
  • Interoperability

    Orange manage directly the interoperability among suppliers.
  • Congestion control

    Your network is protected over congestion.
  • Detailed traffic reporting via Extranet access

    This report allows you to obtain monthly reports giving message traffic per destination to improve their awareness about the LTE Signalling traffic. It is available on Orange’s Wholesale Solutions Extranet.
  • Migration

    With our seamless and dedicated migration process, time-consuming tasks become easier and quicker, with an expert, coordinating your connection to our network.
  • VAS LTE Monitoring and Reporting

    Turnkey solution for Monitoring, Reporting and Troubleshooting your LTE Signalling live traffic. This option will be provided to you by a secured access to the centralized platform.

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