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Capacity Power 100: Emmanuel Rochas makes the 2023 list


Emmanuel Rochas, Orange International Carriers’ CEO has been included in list of the top 100 most influential personalities in the wholesale telecommunications industry. This “Power 100” list has been published on a yearly basis by Capacity Media since 2019, and Emmanuel Rochas has been included for three years now.

These 100 most influential women and men in the wholesale telecommunications industry are not only noteworthy within their organization, they are also market-movers, who initiate or drive change within the whole international connectivity business. The list includes company executives belonging to wholesale carriers, operators, vendors, data centers, towercos, software, satellite, subsea and other global connectivity players.

More about our nominee - Emmanuel Rochas

Emmanuel Rochas, CEO of Orange International Carriers, in the wholesale telecommunications Power 100 list

Emmanuel Rochas, CEO, Orange International Carriers, has been included in the 2023 Power 100 list of wholesale telecommunication professionals









As CEO of Orange International Carriers since 2019, Emmanuel Rochas has succeeded in stabilizing annual revenue of the wholesale connectivity provider at €1bn for the third year in a row, consistently offsetting the decline of the large legacy voice business. This was achieved by developing new revenue streams with messaging, bandwidth services, CDN, cybersecurity, or online products such as EVPL, IP Transit or Call Collect Numbers 

In 2022, he actively promoted innovation, with the virtualization of core networks to enable Wholesale-as-a-Service or the use of AI to drive dynamic voice routing, and industry collaborations such as a low-latency roaming for IoT applications proof-of-concept developed with Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom and PCCW. This commitment for innovation hasn’t gone unnoticed in the industry, as GlobalData has named Orange International Carriers a “leader” in “vision and strategy” in their January 2023 Company assessment.

Emmanuel has also made his commitments for a more responsible and inclusive digital world shared across the organization, as all our portfolio is now prepared with an eco-design approach, and as women are actively encouraged to take up tech roles and responsibilities – resulting in a 50/50 gender split at the Board of Directors.

Emmanuel is always eager to communicate his vision both within the organization, as an inspiring and approachable team leader, and in the world of telecoms at large as a valued spokesperson and GLF Governance Committee chairman, regularly sharing his wits in panel debates and conferences. Lastly, Emmanuel’s commitment to customer service demonstrates that listening, understanding and responding to customers’ feedback is the best way to elaborate innovative solutions in an ever-demanding market. His efforts to fully mobilize Orange International Carriers at the service of its customers have resulted in a 9-point surge of our Net Promoter Score, which jumped from 24 to 33 points in just a year.

The 2023 Capacity Power 100


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