Don’t miss the panel on Digitizing the capacity industry with Emmanuel Rochas

Several leaders and key figures of our industry are participating in a panel organized by Telecom Review. Entitled “Digitizing the capacity industry”, it highlights the importance of wholesale services while industry experts discuss in depth the latest developments in the wholesale industry, digital infrastructure, on-demand services, reimagined data centers…

What Orange brings to the wholesale industry

The telecom industry has repeatedly recognized Orange contribution to the digital revolution and the means it has implemented to achieve it. The latest awards we have been honoured to receive are a proof to our dynamism and our desire to move forward in this direction. 

For example, the exponential growth of digital services requires high security and quality performance on a global mobile network. That’s why we provide you with robust roaming interconnection solutions and value-added services on our IPX network to meet your raising.  

demand for bandwidth. Therefore you can rely on a wholesale market leader that offers unrivalled service continuity to support your revenue growth. We also offer you powerful tools to analyze roamer behaviour and decide on cost-effective actions or adapt network, tariff or roaming agreements thanks to our Business Intelligence services based on Big Data technology.

On the security side, as a pioneer, we also provide you with a converging spectrum of security and anti-fraud solutions to protect you against any type of threat, considering the explosion of connectivity tools and capacity needs. As well, our promise is to connect you around the world through an extensive submarine and terrestrial network: 450,000km of submarine cables, 45,000 km of fibre across Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia, and more than 450 Points of Presence.

But at the same time, our ambitious objectives are testimony to our deep rooted commitment to build a sustainable and responsible future. However, the battle is far from over. Digital inclusion, diversity and green policy remain at the top of our agenda and play an integral part in our Engage 2025 strategic plan. 

If you missed the event, don’t worry. You can watch the replay of this panel which took place on October 5th - 3 PM Dubai time 

Watch here


ERPhoto Emmanuel Rochas - CEO of Orange International Carriers.  where he is responsible for managing international connectivity and transmission services for Wholesale Voice, Mobile, Internet and Security services. He brings to the role rich experience and expertise gained from previous positions within the Orange Group and from working for the French government. After joining Orange in 2006, Emmanuel Rochas held various posts of responsibility. He has been Head of Group Strategy between 2010 and 2014. He later oversaw the deployment and maintenance of the Orange mobile and fixed networks at regional level. Emmanuel Rochas participated previously in the creation of the Home line of business where he was responsible for business modelling and business performance. Emmanuel Rochas is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique and of Telecom ParisTech. More on LinkedIn
Cengiz Cengiz Oztelcan - CEO of GBI More on LinkedIn
Ali-Amiri Ali Amiri - Chief Carrier & wholesale officer at Etisalat Group More on LinkedIn
frederic-schepens Frédéric Schepens – CEO of MTN Global Connect More on LinkedIn
Eric CEVIS Eric Cevis – President of Verizon Partner Solutions More on LinkedIn
eric nouvelle Eric Handa - CEO & Co-Founder of AP Telecom More on LinkedIn
Toni Eid Telecom Review Toni Eid - CEO, Trace Media and founder of Telecom Review & Moderator More on LinkedIn


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