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IP-Max adopts IP Transit Dynamic to increase the quality of French routes

Optimisation of French routes

A leading provider of information technology solutions and services all over Europe, Swiss-based service provider IP-Max has chosen Orange International Carriers to provide a solution to help optimise critical routes within his network to benefit his clients. Homeworking has been made mandatory in Switzerland during the pandemic period hence why IP-Max needed excellent French routes to support the numerous employees of their business customers based in France.

Founded in 2005, IP-Max is well known for its quality of services. They provide comprehensive solutions for managed network solutions, IP Transit, low latency transport, metro and international PoP to PoP connectivity, colocation. Their engineers are reputed to deliver scalable, highly robust, and tailor-made solutions in a wide array of network technologies and systems.

Increased quality of service measured after only a few weeks of collaboration

Orange International Carriers’ IP Transit Dynamic solution has enabled IP-Max to further increase the quality of its routing table. According to Frederic Gargula, CEO and co-founder of IP-Max: “Orange International Carriers provides very good transit”. This remark is justified by the BGP ranking in which only after a few weeks in service, Orange is already ranked 3rd in the best IPv4 routes provider for IP-Max. Additionally, Orange’s architecture, in which two ports are implemented, increases security and the overall QoS of the service delivered to customers. IP-Max closely monitors the QoS delivered on some critical routes or the key websites used by their customers and from this, they were able to gather that the performance of Orange’s routes on key indicators, such as jitter and packet loss, has been excellent. They also noticed that Orange is now one of the 3 providers to which they send the most traffic. 

Partners in performance improvement

IP-Max has over 2200 peers in IPv4 and peers in 35 Internet Exchanges. Despite already working with four Tier-1 providers, IP-Max was able to improve further the quality of experience for their end users with the help of Orange’s routes. IP-Max’s customers have not reported any service degradation or incident caused by the introduction of these new routes. Frederic mentions: “Overall, using IP Transit routes from Orange increases our overall performance as a Tier 2 provider”.

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