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Safe and sound: our dedication to convergent Security and Anti-fraud solutions


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Elsa Uguet 
Anti-fraud & Security Marketing Director, International Carriers, Orange 

We have expanded our security services to ensure your entire business model is protected, with 24/7 expert support teams at your disposal.

When it comes to security, it is essential that you reduce your business exposition surface and simultaneously protect every aspect of your Mobile, Voice or Data activities. In doing so, you not only protect yourself, but you also protect your customers and subsequently, your end-users. The rapidly evolving digital landscape has opened the floodgates for cybercrime. And with the global pandemic and the surge of remote working, this threat has become even more pressing.

As a global player and a pioneer in the field, we offer you a convergent spectrum of security and anti-fraud solutions to ensure you are safe from any type of threat. You can benefit from our connectivity and request our expanded capabilities for sophisticated levels of protection, including business intelligence, traffic monitoring for fraud detection, isolation of grey routes, and overall fraud management. Every solution that we provide is safeguarded by our dedicated 24/7 fraud protection team to bring you peace of mind.

By being a long-time operator and retailer, with 26 operations and 259 million customers, we are at the core of the ecosystem and we understand the evolving challenges that you are facing. Therefore, we can bring you the 360 degrees first-rate service you require, everywhere in the world and for every type of solution. 

Last but not least, our abilities are especially strengthened by Orange Cyberdefense’s leadership. With over 2500 experts analyzing 50 billion security incidents each day, we are one step ahead to protect your entire business and propose a convergent vision of anti-fraud and security.

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