The Role of Women in the Tech Industry Today and Tomorrow Anne Morel, SVP Global Carrier Sales for International Carriers

As part of the Europe 2021 GCCM Event, Anne Morel was participating in an Executive Round-table Panel discussion dedicated to “the Role of Women in the Tech Industry Today and Tomorrow”. 

June 25, 2021     14:40 - 15:30 (GMT+1 Time Zone)  

In a fast moving environment where equality and inclusion are becoming critical in the Tech Industry, Orange International Carriers is on the frontline. Diversity naturally reflects the markets in which we operate across the globe. With 35 nationalities and 48% of women, including in the management team, we consider competence to be all that counts. 

Equality & Inclusion in our DNA 

At Orange, we are reaffirming our commitment to balancing the representation of women and men working in technical roles and innovation. The Group is proactively demystifying these professions for women thereby enabling a greater uptake in terms of career development and recruitment. As a transformation priority, team cohesion and performance in the workplace, along with gender equality in new technical roles, leads to progress. 

During this Keynote, many issues were addressed such as:  

  • How diverse workplaces could lead to higher productivity, greater innovation and higher achievement
  • Corporate strategies and structures towards better integration
  • Key challenges women are facing in the telco industry and company programs introduced to tackle them
  • How to retain women in the telco industry
  • Integration of women into businesses

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Anne Morel Anne Morel is responsible for overseeing the global sales strategy and business development of wholesale services for Voice, Data, Mobile and Security. Since joining the International Wholesale Division at Orange, Anne has actively contributed to its strategy, growth and transformation into one of the industry world leaders. She is also a Diversity and Inclusion ambassador for Orange IC, encouraging diversity in all its forms. Anne has held numerous positions of increasing responsibility within the International Carriers management team including Head of European Carrier Sales, and since 2012, Senior Vice President of Global Carrier Sales. In her most current position, she oversaw the implementation of a new Global Sales organization to assemble the regional Sales teams across voice, data and mobile products. Recently, Anne Morel, SVP Global Carrier Sales has been selected among the Power 100 most influential personalities in the wholesale telecommunications industry. More on LinkedIn 


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