A trusted partner for SMS services such as one-time-passwords, service activations, banking updates, flights alert, notifications and marketing campaigns.


In brief

The Orange A2P SMS solution provides trusted, direct and secure routes for businesses to reach their end users, with monetization and network protection solutions for Mobile Operators.

Hubbing Model


Our A2P SMS offers a single connection enabling A2P SMS traffic between Brands or Aggregators and Mobile Operators.
You have a single entry point to access our entire footprint with a 360° view of prices and opened routes.
We offer you direct quality and hop+1 destinations on a pay-per-delivered-SMS basis.


A2P SMS hub: Technical architecture

The architecture on the left describes how tA2P SMS hub: Technical architecturehe Brands, Aggregators and Mobile Network Operators are connected. 

Our A2P service allows Brands to reach their customers all over our footprint. With just one connection to our platform, Enterprises can reach hundreds of networks.

In the same way, with just one connection to our hub, MNOs can receive SMS from many Brands in all kinds of industries (banking, transportation, OTTs, etc.).



Orange's footprint A2P

Orange Footprint

Get access to Orange's footprint with a single connection

Deals per destination a2p

Deals per destination

Negotiating closely with MNOs, our Traffic management team will help you to meet your targets

A2p network protected with local firewalls

Exclusive and secured destination

Benefit from direct and quality to route network protected with local firewalls

performance fast delivery & Customer satisfaction


MNP look-up, flow control to ensure fast delivery & Customer satisfaction


Save money

in partnership with your traffic manager, you find the routes meeting your price and quality requirements.

Manage with ease!

Your service manager provides you with reports and SLA analyses on a monthly basis

Increase your coverage

You get access to our entire Direct and Indirect footprint through a single gateway.



  • Standard prices

    An off-the-shelf offer for you using automated routing.
    Standard prices and regularly updated.
    Fast deployment and high capacity to solve issues quickly.



  • Service management

    A managed service for large accounts and customers seeking tailored offers.
    An appointed traffic manager adapts prices and routes to meet your requirements.
    As an option, you can benefit from our advanced reports and SLA analysis each month by an appointed expert.