Big Data - Roaming

Tailor your roaming business by understanding your roamers' behavior

Business Intelligence services based on Big Data technology providing powerful tools to have a holistic view on your roamers abroad and roamers in your network.


KPI analysis

Enriched and reliable KPI for sophisticated analysis

  • Advanced and user-friendly business intelligence with accurate data
  • To get the best of your roaming business
data safety & compliance

Ensuring compliance & better experience

  • Access to personal data safely to offer a better experience to your customers and network’s end users
  •  Ensuring the compliance with your local law
Monitor customer portal

Monitor easily

  • Your roaming analytics, accessible 24/7 in your IC Customer Portal and without any previous installation for you



Understand roamers behavior and set an action plan

Get detailed indicators at IMSI level on how roamers act depending on the destination (for outbound roaming) or the origin (for inbound roaming)


Align costs, revenues and negotiations with partners

Get reports of your roaming partners of the latest months


Quickly available services, without any capex

Nothing to set up: you can check your analytics in your Customer Portal whenever you want 

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Roaming revenues are decreasing and so far it is not easy to plan a meaningful reaction, because:

  • Because regulations impose decreasing tariffs
  • Roaming in destinations without regulations is not yet skyrocketing as a result of roamer's fear of high bills

IC Big Data services give you visibility on how roamers behave for you to conceive your action plan.

  • Crunching more than 5 Tb of roaming data
  •  With the possibility to cross with your own data
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Permanent roaming detection allows you to quantify and monitor the impact of regulations due to abusing behaviour of roamers or roaming partners, and helps build a strategy to minimize it.


  • Identifies suspected SIM cards that have been roaming for a long time.
  • Provides permanent roaming stats for inbound roaming partners as well as KPI on your SIM cards in outbound roaming networks



Roamers Insights allows you to identify and better target roamers with the purpose of encouraging roaming usages.

  •  Precise definition of a roamer segment to analyze with various criteria by roamer (for example Silent Roamers)
  • Compare roamers in your segment with the rest of roamers in terms of time evolution, geography, roaming partner...
3.Big Data Website

Roaming Queries allows you to have a detailed view at data level for a given set of roamers to detect network malfunctions, reduce loss of revenue, detecting deviant uses and fraudulent IMSI...

  • Extend your analyses of Permanent Roaming Detection or Roamers Insight, with more detailed information
  • Easy to automatize: updated dashboards, alarming...
  • Follow up of roamers categories: VIP, B2B...

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