Our wholesale Ethernet services

Provide you with a scalable, secured and robust solution to easily connect to customer sites or datacentres wherever they are in the world.


Tick_confirmation_19371 MEF 3.0 certified

A service based on a trusted standard, simple and easy to implement with rapid delivery.

improve-2 From 2Mbps to 10Gbps

A scalable and cost-efficient solution to meet any increased bandwidth 

internet_browser_19371 A robust global backbone

A fully secured and redundant network with a worldwide reach, a unique presence in Africa and full coverage of France.

icon-shopping.svg Delivery reduced to 1 minute

With Ethernet Now, connectivity services can be managed and monitored online in real time with high flexibility.

Now EVPL comes with 3 offers so that you can choose the one matching your needs.

Essential Dynamic Intense
Capacity and Baseline Services
Class of Service Standard Premium Premium
Availability Rate SLA
Guaranteed-Time-to-Restore (GTR)
Fast Delivery Option Option
Orange eCare
Customer Service Center
Global Service Management
Proactive Penalty Management

EVPL Intense offers the highest commitment in terms of performance as you are granted:

  • Advanced SLA with high availability rate and GTR,
  • Strong support from a Global Service Manager: he will be your point of contact on Quality of Service and his expertise will help you manage the performances of the circuits we provide and advise some recommendations in terms of architecture evolution,
  • Proactive Penalty Management which means that we care on your behalf about implementing our contractual commitments in terms of SLA.

EVPL: a secure e-line service

Only pay for what you need thanks to a scalable solution

•    High bandwidth granularity from 2Mbps to 10 Gbps

•    The possibility to increase capacity without service interruption

Enjoy a plug-and-play solution for your corporate customer's' needs

•    Standard technology and a MEF-certified product (MEF 3.0) (lien MEF)

•    Technology adapted to corporate needs: transparency & simplicity of LAN interconnect

•    Shorter lead time compared to other bandwidth solutions, with a delivery time of 4 weeks

Secure your business with our SLA commitments

•    Native protection of Ethernet connectivity thanks to the redundancy of our MPLS backbone 

•    A traffic rerouting speed of less than 1 second, in the (unlikely) event of a route failure

•    99.99% annual availability guaranteed on our PoP to PoP services (99.85% on PoP to customer site in France)

•    4h Guaranteed Time-to-Restore on PoP to PoP services or POP-to-End in France 


EVPL is an e-line service provided on top over our MPLS network. This point-to-point connection is available from 2 Mbps up to 10 Gbps, which offers you high scalability and flexibility to meet your customers' growing needs. Using Ethernet Pseudo Wire technology, it connects two geographically distant customer sites with an emulated link over an IP/MPLS backbone.
This service can be used to connect headquarters to datacenters or to interconnect datacenters 

Our Network and infrastructure


Our Ethernet connectivity services benefit from our fully secured and redundant international IP backbone network and a strong presence in core locations across the world. 

An extensive network infrastructure across the globe, our Ethernet Services can connect more than 100 datacentres in Europe, the US, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. We are constantly expanding our global reach to get closer to our customers.

A unique presence in Africa  Our commitment to investing in international networks means our coverage in Africa is among the very best, with PoPs in Ivory Coast, Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria. Our  Djoliba network in West Africa is expanding in 2020 with new destinations such as Burkina Faso, Guinea, Liberia, Mali and Senegal.

Total coverage of France In addition to our international network, you can also benefit from our French domestic network which offer a seamless solution to connect any customer sites in France.

Want an even more flexible solution? Try Ethernet Now, our on-demand and digital service!

Enjoy complete autonomy thanks to easy & secure “self-service”

  • Online quotations, SOF signature and a follow-up of your services 
  • Secure self-service portal 
  • Fluid and intuitive navigation

Improve your business efficiency with new agility & flexibility

  • Real-time delivery thanks to the fully automated production of services
  • Handle new orders, updates or disconnections online
  • A new "fully flexible” contract model, allowing you to adapt your connectivity services at any time according to your needs

Better control over your portfolio


  • Benefit from digital monitoring of your services 
  • Consult your contractual documents on a single portal
  • Track the delivery of your orders in real time

Extend your business to Orange footprint with API

  • Fully incorporate Orange footprint into your value proposition with a seamless integration
  • Build the User Experience you want 
  • Manage equally your services on our Portal and through API
  • Connect easily to our API thanks to MEF compliancy

Using network automation and digital management technologies, our Ethernet Now service brings real-time purchase of point-to-point connectivity and provides responsiveness, agility and flexibility. It enables you to connect our 60 Datacenters across the world and thousands of locations in France.

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