Our mission is to give end-users the best possible digital experience

We connect Internet Service Providers and Content Providers to our high-quality IP network.


  • Highly Meshed IP Transit Network

    Our customers can connect from more than 180 Data Centers in Europe, the US, Africa, the Middle East and Asia and we are continuously developing new PoPs.

  • A strong network

    Customers can connect to our Tier-1 network and access all Internet routes. Our solution is built and sized to support the increase of Internet traffic.

  • DDoS Attacks

    A proactive protection of your IP transit against DDoS attacks thanks to our IP Transit DDoS cleaning platforms.


    We are part of Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security initative in order to improve Internet security and resiliency. We activate RPKI validation and filtering.

  • E-Care

    With the eCare portal, analyse your traffic and monitor Orange IP Transit QoS. Find your contracts, create incident tickets and manage invoices.

  • Advanced Cloud Access

    Advanced Cloud Access connectivity provides great and cost effective Tier-1 Internet solution for your critical traffic.

Benefits from a top performing internet service

For end users

Ensuring the best quality of experience for end users is our key mission. We can provide you direct routes to major Cloud Providers, Gaming and Streaming Companies. 

End to end solution

Our end-to-end solution will allow you to let us take care of the technical side, including the transmission to the IP Transit PoPs.

The Intense offer

Our Intense offer takes care of all your Internet Connectivity needs, allowing you to focus on your core business. We'll take care of DDoS protection, Advanced Cloud Access...

Benefits from a top performing internet service

Increase your reach

More than 180 Internet Service Providers are connected to our IP Transit solutions in 4 continents. Benefit from Orange's presence accross the world with its 28 affiliates.

A flexible business model

We accompany your growth regardless of your size with an adapated business model, flat fee or 95 percentile.

Network configuration

Optimize your network configuration thanks to Orange's footprint and the adapted BGP configuration.

Essential Dynamic Intense
Customer Access Link Option Option Option
POP Africa, Asia, Middle East Everywhere Everywhere
Backbone Redundancy
Routing – All Internet Routes
Advanced Cloud Access
DdoS Protection Option Option
Customer Service Center
Global Service Management

Learn more about our ISP IP Transit Essential offer

Connect regionally and manage from Europe your diversification for traffic

This solution is available in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. With regional connections and by selecting your path to Europe, we can:

  • Exchange traffic in the same area as you, improving quality of service.
  • Optimize your network infrastructure while you manage your diversity by yourself.

And to have a clean pipe traffic, you can also add our DDoS Protection option.

This offer can be bundled with our IP Transit Dynamic [ISP] and IP Transit Intense [ISP] offers based on a 100% redundant backbone.

Learn more about our ISP IP Transit Dynamic offer

Get access to all Internet routes and Content Providers to provide a high quality of service for your end users

As a Tier-1 IP Transit Network, connecting to 5511 gives you access to all Internet routes and access a large list of Content Providers. You’ll be able to maintain a high quality of service for your end users. You can also add the DDoS Protection option to have a clean pipe traffic.

Intense for you and for us

Learn more about our ISP IP Transit Intense offer

This solution gives you access to :

  • All Internet Routes thanks to our Tier-1 IP Transit network.
  • Guaranteed quality of service to access Cloud Providers, protecting your critical business and enabling you to be more competitive and innovative on the BtoB market.
  • Secure traffic with protection against DDoS attacks with unlimited mitigations.
  • A Global Service Management to assist you with your traffic analysis and capacity management.

IP Transit Peering Policy

We operate IP network identified with the Autonomous System Number 5511 (AS5511)

This Peering Policy describes the guidelines used by us to evaluate requests made by prospective peers, and to govern our relationship(s)' with the peers exchanging IP traffic with IP Transit on a settlement-free basis.


We protect your international transit and national broadband traffic customers against DDoS Attacks, thanks to the IP Transit cleaning platform with B2B resale option, along with other security products for data services.


Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)

Orange uses RPKI validation and filtering in the AS 5511 network in order to improve the security and resilience of the Internet’s global routing system


In order to make Internet more secure and Robust, we are part of MANRS.

MANRS is a global initiative, supported by the Internet Society, that provides crucial fixes to reduce the most common routing threats.

Order online

You can order IP transit connectivity easily and autonomously from the IC Customer Portal depending on you request.


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Our customers' testimonials

Nicolas Lung
President at Midway's Network

"I was pleasantly surprised by the online order process. It provides the usual quality and price but is far more efficient. The choice to pay per Mbps is a real asset and you only have to commit to a small capacity. A final bonus is the fact that you can reserve network resources."

Frédéric Gargula
CEO and Founder at IP-Max

"Despite already working with four Tier-1 providers, IP-Max was able to improve further the quality of experience for their end users with the help of Orange’s routes.

Overall, using IP Transit routes from Orange increases our overall performance as a Tier 2 provider."

Read more here

Setumo Mohapi
Chief Go-to-Market Officer at Dimension Data

“Partnering with Orange to provide IP Transit and DDoS will allow us to continue adding value to our customers through our intelligent infrastructure offering.”

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