IPL (International Private Line)

Reliable solution to interconnect your locations with high capacity.


IPL (International Private Line) is a high bandwidth connectivity solution to interconnect your locations. IPL is based on Submarine cables for wet capacity and on WDM, OTN and SDH technology for terrestrial connectivity. By using Orange’s solution, you benefit from its extended footprint, the high performance of its network and the expertise of its engineers.



Up to 100Gbps

Your capacity needs are evolving continuously, and Orange is constantly upgrading its network to be ready to handle your needs. The capacity provided with IPL ranges from 155Mbps to 100Gbps (soon 200Gbps).


Dedicated Line

As IPL is a Layer 1 solution, you get better control over the bandwidth, which is used solely to cover your needs.


All around the world

With 450,000 km of submarine cables, more than 80 available PoPs deployed in all regions and a growing number of partners, you can rely on a highly meshed network to connect different locations and improve your performance.



Scalable bandwidth

Buy only the capacity you need thanks to the highly scalable solution provided by Orange.




Upgrade your IPL with additional capacity when you need – the Orange network can support high bandwidth up to 100Gbps.



Depending on your needs, you can use IPL to connect PoP-to-PoP or CHLS-to-PoP or directly connect two of your sites.


Simple and reliable

Orange is a trusted partner, constantly striving to satisfy its customers’ needs.


Extended footprint

Orange has deployed a large submarine and terrestrial network connecting all regions of the world. With a network on this scale, you can rely on a single partner to connect different locations instead of relying on several providers.



To provide you with the best performance and SLA, Orange is always upgrading its network with last-generation equipment.


IPL: A reliable solution

IPL is a reliable solution to connect two distant locations and offers high bandwidth. It relies on advanced and well-known technologies like WDM, OTN and SDH. Depending on the points to connect, IPL can adapt to different topologies and include a terrestrial portion only, a submarine portion only or both. IPL was previously marketed as City- to-City, Backhaul or Wet Capacity by Orange.


Orange’s network offers worldwide coverage

Orange has been an operator for international transmissions for a long time and is a recognized player in this field. Orange's investments in its submarine network are a key asset and even today Orange continues to announce the imminent launch of further submarine cables. Orange also offers a high level of expertise to its customers as it directly manages the deployment and maintenance of its submarine cables thanks to 6 cable ships.
Check out our latest announcement on a new cable launch here



High-performance solution

With such a highly meshed network, you benefit from high levels of performance from your IPL. For example, a protection option can be purchased to keep the service running if an incident affecting the main link occurs. What is more, by investing in the last generation of equipment Orange provides high quality of service for all the links it provides.


Our submarine cables

ACE, AMERICAS 2, Dunant, EASSY, ECFS, IMEWE, Kanawa, LION, LION 2, MainOne, PEACE, SAT3-WASC-SAFE, S3WS, SAT3, Safe, SEA-ME-WE 3, SMW3, SEA-ME-WE 4, SMW4, SEA-ME-WE 5,SMW5, TEAMS, CBUS… are among the 22+ submarine cables in which Orange has invested.

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