IPX Transport

IPX Monitoring and Reporting

Monitor your IPX roaming traffic in real time, troubleshoot your international traffic and increase customer satisfaction.

IPX Monitoring and Reporting is a customised offer, based on GTP-C, that establishes better performance and efficiency of your data roaming network.




Real-time analysis of  data roaming  network efficiency



Collection of  a large number of historical KPIs to measure your data roaming transactions.
Through this tool, you can select your top 10 partners



Check your customers’ traffic in order to regulate and improve your GTP-C operations, according to the predefined KPIs


Alarm report

Alerts can be generated automatically on the main data roaming KPIs and on traffic volume


An easy take over operation of the service: maintenance, provisioning and monitoring of the platform will be carried out by Orange

Optimised roaming on your network and guaranteed revenue protection by preventing outages to international traffic in real time

A quick and smooth turnkey roaming solution to benefit from the service and focus human resources on other key priorities

Centralised and highly-secure solution deployed in Orange network: monthly fee without any Capex

IPX Monitoring and Reporting is based on the GPRS Tunneling Protocol: GTP-C

Four modules are designed to adapt to your data roaming network:

Real Time Monitoring

  • Network performance GTP-C KPIs on inbound and outbound traffic with a GTPv1 and GTPv2 separate supervision 
  • Real-time traffic graphs offer you a real-time  view of your network’s efficiency
  • 1 minute latency, 15 seconds granularity

Big Data Analytics

  • Multi-dimensional view of network operations
  • Long-term queries on historical data
  • Rich and simple data models based on GTP-C traffic


  • Protocol decoding on all GTP-C operation codes
  • Export available in several  formats such as Wireshark-pcap, Excel and CSV 

 Alarm report management

  • Alarms notifications based on the KPIs and traffic volumes are available on the real time monitoring 
  • Minimum and maximum threshold values are configurable  according to your network
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) and alarm notifications are available to prevent incidents