Content Delivery Network (CDN) Solutions

We support your OTT content strategy with a global, state-of-the-art Content Delivery Network CDN.

Our Content Delivery Network relies on a dense secure, and fully rendundant network of Content PoPs available today, in Africa and beyond.

Content Providers around the world are moving to Over-The-Top (OTT) distribution of their content in order to reach a global scale and adapt to the new ways of consuming content. CDN is a critical component in delivering a best-in-class experience over the Internet. Our Media Delivery Boost range aims to support our customers' OTT strategies by providing the tools for efficient and secure media delivery.

Orange has been investing massively, and we are continuously improving our footprint by deploying new, redundant Content PoPs worldwide.

Whether you need Orange for specific geographic coverage or for a full worldwide footprint, we have the solution that fits your requirement, and we make it easy for you to manage a multi-CDN strategy.


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Get the best out of your content

Strive for the best quality of experience for online streaming to avoid customer churn. 




Reach a global scale

OTT is a global trend, audiences are quickly adopting these new content consumption habits.


Connectivity made easy

You need easy-to-use connectivity solutions that never get in the way of your core business.



The best coverage in Africa

Unparalleled coverage of Africa with Media Delivery Boost and access to over 120 million Orange eyeballs in MEA.

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End-user proximity

Local delivery of content allows downloads in higher quality profiles and prevents customer impatience that leads to request drops.


Robust and easy to adopt

Build a robust OTT service, always available for legitimate users, which helps monetize your content and increase loyalty

Optimize your content delivery costs with pay-as-you-grow pricing.

MDB Essential lets you discover the benefits of the Orange CDN in Africa and the Middle East, focusing on the Orange audience (over 120 million mobile customers).

Launching a new VOD app in Ivory Coast? 
As a Tunisian company, do you want to expand into new French-speaking territories while securing a strong audience for your content?

Orange is a key partner for Content Providers that wish to efficiently target the African continent and gain access to the millions of Orange mobile customers. By choosing Media Delivery Boost Essential, you will enjoy the benefits of our core infrastructure: video and media caching in selected locations that ensure the best coverage of the Orange footprint and guarantee that your content will be delivered directly from the Orange affiliates’ network.

MDB Essential will be your stepping stone to collaborate with Orange MEA, opening up precious opportunities to work jointly on the development of your African OTT strategy.

MDB Dynamic, leverage the whole Orange CDN footprint with a strong commitment to availability and security.

 All of our Content PoPs benefit from automatic failover, meaning that your content is always delivered from a close location even in the event of a failure on one PoP. This allows us to commit to a high-availability SLA.

  • Enjoy built-in security features that make your website / application more robust against attacks
  • Addressing global delivery requirements

Beyond its retail footprint, Orange is one of the main global providers of international IP connectivity, and reaches Internet Service Providers on most continents through its IP Transit offer. Our ability to reach Internet Service Providers is a key differentiator for high Quality of Service content delivery and we are continuously expanding our Content PoPs jointly with our international network. 

With such a global, strongly meshed CDN, Orange is able to ensure resilience and robustness of the content delivery, and to commit to a high level of availability with 99.95% uptime.

Beyond Media Delivery, the security challenge Orange is committed to ensuring optimal OTT experiences for your customers, and that also means securing access to your content and your origin servers
Our current offer includes protection against origin overload, as well as mitigation of several common distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. For instance, MDB Dynamic focuses on attacks associated with the TCP Connection Establishment Process, or the "Three-way Handshake".

More security features will be included in MDB Essential from 2021.