Voice Hubbing

Carry your voice in a world full of connections

Easily access the service through an interconnection between you and us thanks to our multiple Voice and IPX PoPs across the world.

This interconnection is implemented in IP (either public or private) and also through IPX. It provides worldwide coverage with more than 1,600 destinations to both landline and mobile terminations via bilateral routes or direct routing. This relies on the strength of our footprint.

We guarantee global delivery, 24/7 supervision and monitoring. Our hubbing solutions provide access to international voice traffic on roaming number ranges (MSRN) to all mobile destinations worldwide. In addition, we provide access to a dedicated retailer end user customer offer via corridors and dedicated regional offers.


Network security

A trusted and acknowledged partner for secured networks and the fight against fraud


OBR Management

A pioneer of OBR (Origin based routing) management - for better cost optimization and price efficiency for your destinations


Orange eCare

Digital care and management through Orange eCare, your Customer Portal.



  • The best price for guaranteed quality

    Get the international standard of Voice quality for the best price
    Very competitive prices, enhanced by Orange footprint destinations

  • Reliable Partners

    Reliable partner's provider routes
    Guaranteed service with overflow routes

Wholesalers appreciate the wide coverage of our destinations. Managing fewer interconnections for better cost optimization.

Stable voice quality and guaranteed backup routes which minimize the rerouting of your traffic.

Our easy Origin Based Rates management allows you to get the most competitive prices for destinations and is more cost efficient.



  • The reactivity you need to succeed on the wholesale market

    Access the routes you need at the best rates with smart routing and on-demand single routing

  • The flexibility to meet your specific business needs

    Your specific requirements in terms of Quality of Service (Answer-Seizure Ratio, Average Call Duration, Calling Line Identity), rates and Origin Based Rates management can be delivered on-demand, within one working day

  • Smart routings with the best suppliers

    The best suppliers are selected by a smart algorithm and receive traffic based on the competitiveness of their rates and the quality of their route

Wholesalers and retailers with specific needs will appreciate the competitiveness and quality of the Dynamic offer while benefiting from the highest level of flexibility with unique on-demand routing and the best QoS at the most competitive rates, through dynamic routings.
Flexibility to meet specific requirements (Quality of Service, rates, Origin Based Ratings, Valued Added Services) is available on request.



  • Direct Routes

    Provides the best quality of service (400 routes available) and guarantees of overflow routes

  • Service Management

    Enhanced Global Service Management

    Prioritization of support for trouble ticket management 

  • Anti-fraud solution

    Embedded anti-fraud solution to protect your customers against fraud attacks

    Recognized solutions which proactively analyse, detect and block fraudulent calls through continuous monitoring to prevent International Revenue Share Frauds

POPS VOIX à debut Juillet 2020

Protect your business against fraud attacks and limit the risk of billing disputes thanks to the anti-fraud filtering solution included in your Intense offer.
Online monitoring reports on the customer portal show the attacks you have faced and those you have been protected against.
Care your retailer customers against ping calls and maintain their operator satisfaction thanks to our anti-fraud system.
Increase your revenues by extending call durations thanks to the highest voice quality provided by direct routes.
HD Voice clarity provides your retailer end user customers with a better call experience compared to OTT players.

As proof of our desire for transparency, our routes and providers are displayed on the Hubbing price list. 

Security & Anti-fraud solutions