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Our Content Delivery Network relies on a dense secure, and fully redundant network of content PoPs available today, in Africa and beyond

Content providers around the world are moving to Over-The-Top (OTT) distribution of their content in order to reach a global scale and adapt to how we now consume content. CDN is a critical component in delivering a best-in-class experience over the internet.

Our CDN solutions deliver the tools to improve your OTT strategy. For any web or mobile application, our Media Delivery Boost solution delivers high capacity, fast loading times, optimal video streaming quality, security against web attacks, and minimization of international bandwidth costs.  

Whether you focus on security, web acceleration or media delivery, we deliver comprehensive CDN solutions that fit your requirements.

We have been investing massively to deliver the best CDN solutions, and we are continuously expanding our footprint by deploying new content PoPs closer to your end-users worlwide.
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Key points

PICTO MDB Up to 100 Gbps

Your capacity needs are evolving continuously, and we are constantly upgrading our network to be ready to handle your needs. Orange provides scalable capacity from 155 Mbps to 100 Gbps (soon 200 Gbps)


International_globe Dedicated line

As IPL is a Layer 0/Layer 1 solution, you get full control over the bandwidth, which is used solely to cover your needs.

connectivity Protection options

If your business needs are very stringent in terms of service availability, you can rely on 1+1 protection and leverage the diversity offered by our network.


network Easily deliver to a global scale

Leverage our extensive network around the world with unparalleled coverage of Africa (access to over 120 million Orange eyeballs in MEA). Ensure smooth load balancing between several CDNs with our multi-CDN management tool. 
Find out more about CDN in Africa

security MDB Protect your OTT services with the best security tools

Rely on a trusted security partner to ensure traffic control and develop your business opportunities. Our easy-to-adopt solution will automatically block attacks without affecting legitimate users. 

speed Faster loading time for your web pages

Use our compression tools for your images and text to speed up loading times. Improve the efficiency of content delivery through our Origin Shield features.

Essential Dynamic Intense
Delivery of static content from content POPs to Orange eyeballs (> 10 affiliates in MEA)
Delivery of static content from content POPs to all eyeballs reached by MDB
Dynamic caching hierarchy
TCP-based DDoS Protection
HTTPS support
URL signature and token supports
Web application firewall: threat detection and real-time mitigation
Application-level DDoS Protection
Security operations center: 24/7/365 service and expert support
Globally distributed scrubbing centers and high bandwidth to mitigate volumetric attacks
Threat intelligence mechanisms
Bot management
Image and text optimization
Origin shield
Fast purge
Orange eCare
Guaranteed availability SLA
Usage-based billing
Multi-CDN configuration and management (option)

Directly deliver content to our audience (over 120 million mobile customers) by leveraging our robust and secure CDN in Africa and the Middle East


  • Start discussions with our affiliates about content delivery throughout our footprint.
  • Ensure optimal quality of experience when our users browse your content (fast-loading pages, smooth video streaming, high-quality profiles in media players).
  • Optimize your content delivery costs with an entry-level offer.
  • Ensure smooth load balancing between several CDNs with our multi-CDN management tool.

Launching a new VOD app in Ivory Coast?
As a Tunisian company, do you want to expand into new French-speaking territories while securing a strong audience for your content?

With our CDN solution, we are a key partner for content providers that wish to efficiently target Africa and deliver content to our millions of mobile customers

By choosing media delivery boost essential, you will enjoy the benefits of our core infrastructure: video and media caching in selected locations that ensure the best coverage of our footprint and guarantee that your content will be delivered directly from  our affiliates’ network. Media Delivery Boost Essential will be your steppingstone to collaborate with Orange MEA, opening up precious business opportunities to work together on the developing your African OTT services.

To help you manage your content delivery between several CDNs, we will provide an efficient multi-CDN selector tool (relying on DNS redirection mechanisms). It will allow you to define load-balancing rules and manage failover between various CDN providers. 

Leverage our whole CDN footprint with a strong commitment to availability and security


  • Deliver content to a global audience easily.
  • Accelerate content delivery to your end-users.
  • Real-time threat detection and mitigation with our cloud-based web application firewall.

All our content PoPs benefit from automatic failover, meaning that your content is always delivered from a close location even in the event of a failure on one PoP. This allows us to commit to a high-availability SLA.

  • Enjoy built-in security features that make your web-application site more robust against attacks
  • Addressing global delivery requirements

Beyond our retail footprint, we are one of the main global providers of international IP connectivity, and reaches Internet Service Providers on most continents through its IP Transit offer. Our ability to reach Internet Service Providers is a key differentiator for high quality of service content delivery and we are continuously expanding our content PoPs jointly with our international network

With such a global, strongly meshed CDN, we are able to ensure resilience and robustness of the content delivery, and to commit to a high level of availability with 99.95% uptime.

We are also committed to optimizing OTT experiences from a security point of view. 
Our offer includes protection against origin overload, as well as mitigation of several common distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. For instance, Media Delibery Boost Dynamic focuses on attacks associated with the TCP connection establishment Process, or the "Three-way Handshake".

Our cloud-based web application firewall is the key to a robust and real-time traffic management for your OTT services. This cutting-edge platform uses threat intelligence mechanisms to protect you against application level DDoS attacks, malware, and phishing. Extensive monitoring and reporting features are available through our online portal

All this security benefits are available with a usage based pricing which eliminates the need for costly investments while ensuring a high level of protection. 

Global quality experience and a full performance boost for your OTT services.


  • Your OTT service is robust and always available for legitimate users, which helps monetize your content and increase loyalty.
  • Benefit from the leading-edge security tools including real-time bot management. 
  • Use our compression tools for your image and text to speed up loading times. Improve the efficiency of content delivery through our origin shield features.

With Media Delivery Boost Intense, you will be able to boost your OTT services with the best tools in hand.

All the benefits of our Media Delivery Boost Dynamic security tools are included on our Intense offer: web application firewall, DDOS protection and online monitoring etc. On top of that, Intense adds a bot management tool that will differentiate human users from automated calls and mitigate those threats with the appropriate strategy in order to block every bot attack. This solution will help prevent user fraud, protect sensitive data without impacting legitimate users of your website. Getting rid of bad bots with our solution will help you increase the relevance of your marketing analytics.

Content delivery and security are obviously key concerns for your OTT services. However, you also need to optimize the overall loading time of you web pages if you want to guarantee a global quality of experience for your users. 

Our web acceleration platform provides a number of tools to better deliver small static objects or dynamic content. Compression can be used to reduce the loading time of text and images by 70% (a large array of format types and extensions are supported). Moreover, you can further reduce delivery times for this type of content by leveraging our origin shield feature: it ensures ingestion of your content in the nearest available PoP and optimizes the delivery path to you end-user. Using origin shield will also optimize bandwidth utilization. 

In short, within Media Delivery Boost Intense, we combine the best Media Delivery, web acceleration and security solutions to deliver the best services for your customers and your business.

Our customers' testimonials

Bernard Azria
CEO at Côte Ouest Audiovisuel

“We found that Orange MDB is the ideal solution for our content delivery needs. It’s a pay-as-you-grow model, managed by experts and it’s available in the regions where mobile broadband is growing at a strong pace.”

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David Gueye
Digital Deputy head at TV5 Monde

“Using Orange's media delivery boost solution for our mobile application allows us to guarantee an increased quality of service in countries where we know the challenges that data accessibility can represent.”




Denis Pagnac
CEO of Summview

“Our primary business is to address Africa and Europe, and eventually become global. Orange’s CDN allows us to keep our source content in the two locations where we are located, and to distribute them to multiple countries. Not having the burden to replicate the content and our technical infrastructure in all countries where we develop the business brings us a huge flexibility in terms of sales strategy and go-to-market.”

Watch the video testimonial here

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