Our solution

Reverse Billing Numbers (RBN) is a service that allow you to get new additional voice business through the corporate market.

We can provide you with a large choice ofdestinations (more than 70 destinations).

IFS: International Free phone Service, or toll free numbers. The caller can call the number free of charge.

DID: Direct Inward Dialing, or Local numbers, or geographical numbers.The caller will pay just the local call.

HCD: Home Country Direct Prepaid phone cards


In brief

Reverse Billing Numbers (RBN) is a service that allows you to sell and buy different types of numbers (IFS, DID, HCD) all over the world, in order to meetthe needs of the corporate market.

Your benefits

Voice Service generating Extra Margin

You can optimise the usage of those existing numbers which have not already been used, in order to create extra margin

New Profitable Business

You can reach the Corporate market segment where the revenue and the margin continue to increase


You can obtain net margin because no investment is required so: Revenue=Margin

Easy to install

Our RBN service uses the network that is already in place

Large Choice of destinations with high quality of coverage and security

Our RBN service offers many destinations (70+) and ensures a high quality of service and security of network

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