In brief

Our Roaming Global eXchange is a complete solution to help you move forward from a bilateral to a multilateral roaming model with a simple connection:

  • Reach multiple partners faster and expand your coverage by accessing to all technologies such as 2G, CAMEL, GPRS, 3G, 4G and SMS IW
  • Simplified administrative and technical tasks: Orange procures financial settlement services and guarantees your financialliability

Our Roaming Global eXchange is fully compliant with the GSMA's Open Connectivity standards.


Our solution

We are GSMA certified for our roaming hub expertise with Roaming Global eXchange. Providing the full roaming ecosystem: GRX/IPX transport, voice, SS7, SMS and MMS IW, LTE Signalling), we are also a technical specialist in all network layers.

  • Making your life simpler

    • One-stop shopping
    • Easy connection to the hub
    • Real-time roaming management tool
  • Securing your roaming

    • Centralized financial settlement
    • Improved trouble shooting and fraud management
    • Complete reporting capabilities
  • Broadening your possibilities

    • Access to all technologies enhanced monitoring and controlling
    • Full set of value-added option

SMS InterWorking

This option allows the interconnection of mobile operators SMSCs to enable Short Messages exchanges among themselves. Every hub customer can potentially reach all the other operators already connected to our Hub and having the SMS InterWorking service.

Your benefits

Technical reliability

Our group is recognized worldwide for its SS7 and LTE expertise. We have state-of-the-art roaming experts working on the Roaming Global eXchange offer.

Quality of service

Our roaming hub platform allows centralized operations and maintenance, including troubleshooting. A proactive supervision of roaming channels is in place to detect any sudden and abnormal drop in traffic.

Real one-stop shopping offer

Only one contract is needed to access the Roaming Global eXchange service. You only receive one bill per month, with a detailed reporting of all your roaming traffic. We are your single point of contact.

Financial responsibility

We assume the financial responsibility leveraging its experience of credit management on the hubbing market for international voice interconnection.

Optimization of financial flows

We offer you multilateral netting in order to reduce payment flows.

Immediate and comprehensive coverage

We give access to our extensive member's footprint, as well as to all the external customers connected to the platform.

Long-term partnerships

The Roaming Global eXchange solution gives you full control over your roaming business. IOT negotiations and steering of roaming remain in your hands, offering the opportunity to set up a healthy long-term roaming strategy.


We guarantee the total confidentiality of your roaming data. The Roaming Hub team is part of our Wholesale Division, and has no direct link with our members roaming departments.

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