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More than 1 500 experts in 28 countries

  • PMI Certified Project Managers for complex deals
  • Operations experts working 24/7 in “follow the sun” mode
  • Service Design team for tailor-made operating model
  • Best-in-class SLAs Professional Services

What is the Orange Service Pledge?

The Orange Service Pledge to customers sets out our main commitments across all domains of a customer’s post-sales journey.

Our Pledge can be summarised in one sentence: “we care about you at every step of your journey”. It is what our customers can expect from Orange when they sign a contract or an order with International Carriers.

There are four pillars to the Orange Service Pledge:



“We appoint a pair of Project Managers (nominal & back-up) who will plan, coordinate and supervise the speedy delivery of your solutions around the world and ensure regular communication”

  • Our Project Managers are located around the globe to best match your working hours
  • In 2019, 86% of our customers tell us they are satisfied or very satisfied with our service delivery
  • Percentage of orders delivered on time in Transmission and IP: average 2019 = 92.7%

Customer Care

“We provide 24×7 Care through our Customer Service Center located in Europe and Asia and state-of-the-art Orange eCare functions”

  • Your priority 1* tickets are solved ≤ 24h = 88.2% achieved in Q2+Q3 2019
  • We have Level 2 & Level 3 Experts in “follow the sun” mode in America, Europe and Asia

*P1 = interrupted service, Orange responsibility 



Service Management

“We can provide a Service Manager to support you in the usage of your Orange IC solutions and look after their quality”

  • Our Service Managers are located around the globe to be the closest to you and cater to your needs
  • Customer satisfaction survey score: 82,6% of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied in Q3 2019

Billing & Cash Management

“We bring you peace of mind with a reliable billing process, a fair, timely and transparent resolution of disputes including fraud ones”

  • In 2019, 90% of our customers tell us they are satisfied or very satisfied with our billing process
  • A Dispute Manager will get back to you about your claim within 2 working days

Why is the value of service so important to the Wholesale Market?

The Wholesale industry is increasingly aware of the importance of the quality of experience, even in carrier-to-carrier relationships. The approach is: how can we deliver great quality of experience for our end users if we don’t follow the same guidelines between us?
Whilst it is common practice in the B2B and BTC markets to advertise the quality of user experience or the value of professional services, up to now, it has rarely been presented as a differentiator in the Wholesale industry. With the Orange Service pledge to customers, this is changing.

What’s next for the Orange Service Pledge?

Orange aims to be a pioneer in the international Wholesale industry for raising awareness of the importance of developing the quality of experience around wholesale products.
We are already working on an enhanced Service Pledge to include stronger commitments to Customer Support Services.
If Orange’s peers and competitors in the market act in the same way and start to communicate about the quality of their services, this can only be positive for the industry. It will help to raise the bar for customer service standards and make the whole industry more efficient, for the benefit of everyone.

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86% of our customers tell us they are satisfied or very satisfied with the way their offers are implemented
Commercial relationship
94% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with their account manager and 90% of our customers commend us
Billing & cash management
90% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with our billing process