SMS Protect is the ultimate solution to protect all type of SMS traffic, provided through a firewall hosted in your network and bound with Orange IC A2P hub. SMS Protect is a Push SMS GeXVAS

Secure your network against Fraud and Bypass, monetise all your SMS traffic and increase your A2P revenue. A hosted firewall on your network, bundled with Orange International Carriers A2P hub solution will cover:

  • SS7 and SMPP traffic
  • International and Domestic traffic
  • Multi-carrier availability

Our solutions

SMS Protect solution covers:

  • Multi signalling carriers availability
  • Domestic and international traffic SS7 and SMPP traffic

SMS Protect is provided in partnership with Anam:

  • Strength and position of Orange International Carriers A2P Hub
  • Security expertise of Anam, an independent, SMS A2P Firewall and monetisationprovider

A managed services solution to support you in your anti-fraud policy:

  • Grey-route detection
  • Rules management
  • Reporting
  • Market analytics on A2P market

SMS Protect

A value added service to increase and maximise your A2P revenues.

Your benefits :

Analyses all international and national incoming SMS roaming and interworking to protect in real time your network against any SMS fraud and by-pass

Your main SMS Protect benefits

Rely on a strategic A2P partner able to help you monetize all your SMS traffic

Protect all your SMS traficSS7 and SMTPDomestic and internationalMulti signallingcarriers availability

No capex investments

Strong expertise and efficient support

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