Increase roaming efficiency with our customised solution

Benefit from a centralised and highly-secure solution deployed in Orange network to analyse your signalling traffic, 

Key features

international tv Monitoring

Track your traffic in real-time and define KPIs tresholds to be alerted in case of problems

icon 3 feuilles Reporting

Measure and analyse your historical traffic with differents KPIs

icon 3 trouble Troubleshooting

Check your customers’ traffic in order to regulate and improve your operations  

Revenue protection

With pro-active monitoring of your traffic, you can react quickly in case of roaming cuts and minimize your revenue loss 

Simple take-over

An easy take-over operation of the service: maintenance, provisioning and monitoring of the platform will be carried out by Orange

Turnkey solution

A quick and smooth turnkey roaming solution to benefit from the service and focus human resources on other key priorities


Our complete solution:

4 modules in 1 product

Our product is made of 4 modules, adapted to your SS7 and Diameter networks.
We guarantee you a complete, ergonomic and intuitive platform, close to your needs in terms of traffic analysis.


Real-time monitoring

- Network performance, SS7 and Diameter KPIs on inbound and outbound traffic 
- Real-time traffic graphs offering you a real-time  view of your network’s 

Big Data Analytics

- Multi-dimensional view of network operations
- Long-term queries on historical data
- Rich and simple data models based on SS7 and Diameter traffic


Alarm report management

- Alarms notifications based on the KPIs and traffic volumes available on real-time monitoring 
- Minimum and maximum threshold values configurable  according to your network
- Graphical User Interface (GUI) and alarm notifications available to prevent incidents


- Protocol decoding on all SS7 and Diameter operation codes
- Export available in several formats such as Wireshark-pcap, Excel and CSV 

SS7 and VAS

Benefit from high quality network and strong expertise to develop your SS7 roaming



Offer 4G roaming to your end-users across our global LTE solution                                                    


Signalling Detect and Protect

Secure your signalling traffic with our firewall solution