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World leader in roaming signallingwith over 20 years’ experience and the widest roaming coverage (over 1000 ITU and ANSI destinations), our SS7 offer meets mobile operators’ needs for quality, security and international coverage.

Through a secure web access, our SS7 MoResolution enables you to track the performance of your international signalling traffic, i.e. reporting, monitoring, and troubleshooting:


  • Monitoring

    Real time: real time traffic graphs are provided, offering you and up-to-date view of the network’s efficiency. Alarming: alarm feedback is generated based on the KPIs and traffic volume. You can set minimum and maximum threshold values depending on your traffic

  • Troubleshooting

    You will be able to check and track traffic (access to messages and protocol decoding: MAP/CAP)

  • Reporting

    Reports are established by KPIs aggregation. KPIs mainly measure the efficiency of the MAPs transactions




KPI: Key Performance Indicator

MAP: Mobile Application Part

CAP: CapabilitiesApplication Part


Turnkey solution

You don’t need to develop your own platform nor equipment

Simple transfer of the new service: maintenance, provisioning and monitoring of the platform is under the responsibility of Orange

Totally integrated solution: the SS7 MoReservice is integrated in your SS7 service (in terms of billing and contract)

Monthly fixed fee instead of CAPEX investment

Revenue protection

With pro-active monitoring of your traffic, you can react quickly in case of roaming cuts and minimize your revenue loss

Real-time international traffic control

You can manage your international signalling traffic closely and independently in near real-time

Increase your end user satisfaction

You can ensure your customers’ roaming efficiency

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