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Voice Hubbing

Carry your voice in a world full of connections.


Serenity voice management

International Carriers is a privileged partner for your international voice traffic management, adopting the design of dedicated anti-fraud solutions.


Voice Corridor

Happy Customers, Happy Operators!

International Direct Dialling

Available on Orange’s seamless network, based on IP technologies.

Reverse Billing Numbers

Get new additional voice business through the corporate market.


Orange is an ideal partner for routing your international ISDN traffic to landline and mobile destinations worldwide.


At Orange, we are proud to be a recognised industry leader in the Voice market, offering reliable and secure services for Voice across the globe.

We are a dynamic and flexible international wholesale player offering a broad portfolio of products and services for customer solutions, so whatever your needs, we can help.

You may wish to simplify your business or to extend your coverage or simply maintain a reliable quality of service for your customers.

We have a full range of routing and termination solutions for international voice traffic.

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Customer Care
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Service Management
Customer satisfaction survey score: 82,6% of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied in Q3 2019
Billing & cash management
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