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Find the best solution for your business need

At Orange International Carriers, we do everything to guarantee people and organisations a more autonomous, secure digital life. We strive to ensure that digital services are well thought-out and implemented in a caring, inclusive and sustainable way across all areas of our business.

Whether you are an Operator, a Content Provider or a pure Wholesaler, we are adaptable according to your unique requirements. We work alongside you on your strategic priorities, according to local markets, to provide a fully tailored response to your needs. It may be an off—the–shelf solution or it may be more complex. Whatever your situation, we take an individualised approach to your solutions needs with a variety of options.

If you are a Service Provider with international carrier requirements, you have come to the right place: if you are looking for an international full-service supplier who understands the stakes of your end-user market and can adapt its solutions, Orange International Carriers supports you as your needs evolve.

Orange International Carriers is an integrated player present in both retail and wholesale markets. We have access to over 265 million clients and our strong wholesale-retail partnerships drive the quality and innovation that stimulate new uses and keep us at the forefront of value creation.

We have a hands-on understanding of all retail telecommunications markets and how to bring value to them. In wholesale, our proven track record and our policy of building long-term partnerships has earned us the trust of carriers and service providers all around the world.

Our comprehensive product portfolio for messaging, roaming, voice, IP, bandwidth and security/anti-fraud is available in the section "our solutions".

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For convergent operators of Fixed and Mobile services, MNOs, VNOs

Fixed and mobile convergence is a key driver of telecom services and Orange International Carriers can support you, whatever you require. The challenges of today’s market place and the importance of international mobile communication means that Mobile Operators need their network service provider to make things simple and reliable. With a set of best in class security solutions, Orange International Carriers is your trusted value partner. Our long experience of mobile retail operations in many countries means that we are very familiar with your needs.

Orange currently has over 1,000 networks accessible, with all countries reachable, and is a key contributor to GSMA standards and a supporter of Open Connectivity principles. For your data requirements the Orange IP network is one of the highest rated in Europe and is peered with Tier-1 networks to give you access to Internet routes around the world. As a convergent operator, you will benefit from our Open Transit Internet international connectivity offer, which is specially designed for global access.


For Content Providers

As Content Providers, you need solutions to encode and store your content in a variety of formats and then make it available as close as possible to your end users. Orange Content Delivery Network (CDN) is particularly suited to the delivery of online content, such as video and music transport (live or on demand) and image transfer too. CDN is also critical for supplying software updates to multiple devices and Orange has broad experience of this with our set top boxes. Our global IP transit network is also part of our value proposition to improve the quality of experience for worldwide content delivery.

A service delivery platform will be necessary to manage and present content and, of course, security is critical: anti-piracy protection is a must-have. Additionally, the Orange Open Transit Internet offer is tailored to support the data needs of Content providers. Orange International Carriers can support you with all these requirements, and using our CDN solution will enable operators and content providers to establish a complete OTT service.


For pure Wholesalers

As an established international wholesale player, you are probably already familiar the Orange brand name and with our rigorous approach to international networks and wholesale services.

We can meet your requirements with our global network of 450,000km submarine cables, more than 1,600 Voice destinations and worldwide PoPs to support all services across Voice, Data and Mobile.


For Internet Service Providers

As an Internet Service Provider you will be concerned about the quality and security of your connections and at Orange International Carriers, we offer a full range of wholesale IP solutions to meet your needs.

Our IP network is one of the foremost in Europe, directly connected to the biggest content providers and peered with Tier-1 networks to give you access to worldwide Internet routes. It can be accessed through a single AS hop (AS 5511) from more than one hundred countries. IP is hugely important in the telecom industry, extending the range of end-user applications and increasing their quality and practicality.

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